About Us

Make it with idleWilde.

We believe that making quality t-shirts and apparel should be simple and fun.  Since 2013 idleWilde Printing Company has not only specialized in working with brands and business to create custom merchandise, but we've helped our client communicate ideas.  We pride ourselves in treating each new project as an opportunity to design a unique garment that someone wear, use and enjoy for years.  Our mission is to offer support in the 'wild' times of business and growth for our clients, while working on new ideas for sustainability and success during the 'idle' times so we can make it together.

Quality over quantity.

idleWilde Printing Company is a Hartford, CT based print shop focused on creating custom t-shirts and apparel for businesses, organizations, brands and events.  We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of retail-quality garments and customizable products to choose from, while our in-house production team and sales staff provides support and creative solutions with a focus on customer service.

Custom printed t-shirts in Hartford, Connecticut

Real people, real results.

We support our clients by offering creative solutions and unique ideas to set their individual brand apart.  Sure, we use fancy modern software and equipment to ensure fast responses and quick turnaround times, but our friendly Apparel Creators are real people collaborating directly with our clients on every project.  Our in house production team checks every item before it goes out to guarantee premium and consistent quality.

Our story.

Founded in 2013 by touring musician and Wise Old Moon frontman Connor Zane Millican, idleWilde Printing Co. began as way to source locally printed merchandise for touring bands.  CCSU graduate and visual artist Rachael Guzick joined the business in the early days as a co-owner to focus on perfecting art of screen printing and customizing apparel.